Certified Compliance and Regulatory Professional


The changing regulatory environment has resulted in a growing need for compliance professionals. Compliance and Regulations are processes and laws established by bodies that control industries to ensure companies are properly governed and are delivering their services and products in accordance with predefined standards, laws, specifications and policies.

The CCARP certification is designed to provide effective knowledge in various compliance and regulatory procedures, particularly the intricacies of compliance risk management, the development and drafting of internal compliance policies and procedures and strategies for compliance in various industries. This certification will also proffer specialised knowledge in legal compliance for various organisations.

This program would also provide holders with the knowledge and skills needed to understand and support regulatory compliance and enterprise wide risk management as well as know how to deal with the rules, the markets, products and transactions, to promote best practices and international standards that align with business and regulatory requirements.

Course Modules

Corporate Governance in Financial Institutions

  • The Role of Compliance
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Comparing the Regulatory Systems across the Banking / Brokerage / Asset Management / Insurance Industries
  • Operational Risk Management/Compliance
  • Comparing Nigeria and Other Major International Regulatory Systems
  • The Role of Internal Audit and Other Stewardship Functions
  • The Role of Administrative Law in Compliance
  • Assessing Critical Compliance Risks
  • Implications of FinTech and RegTech

Regulatory Affairs within International Financial Institutions

  • Anti-Money Laundering / Anti-Terrorist Financing / Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) / USA PATRIOT Act
  • OFAC and Other Sanctions Regimes (ex. EU, UN, etc.)
  • Anti-Corruption / Anti-Bribery, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
  • Consumer Regulations (Privacy, TILA, RESPA, etc.)
  • List and Functions of Regulators in Nigeria
  • The Role of Information Technology and Cyber Security
  • Dodd Frank (SIFI, Volcker Rule, CFPB, Living Wills, etc.)
  • Basel I to Basel 4

Developing, Implementing and Leading a Compliance Program

  • Developing a Compliance Culture
  • Compliance Program Development – Key Policies and Procedures
  • Measuring an Effective Compliance Program / Adopting Sound Industry Practices
  • Monitoring and Testing a Compliance Program
  • Preparing for and Managing Regulatory Examinations
  • Role of the C-Suite vis-à-vis Board of Directors
  • The Cost of Non-Compliance
  • Lessons Learned from Major Regulatory Enforcement Actions