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Today, risk is everything or simply, everything is risk! Governments, organizations, even individuals face risks and the consequent impacts. A move to Manage Risk is key to projecting risk working for you! Why wait? Register for our Certification programs NOW. You will be glad you did. info@theriskacademy.org

About RMA

The Risk Management Academy [RMA]  Limited is a global learning center for professionals and practitioners in the field of risk management, governance and compliance. The Academy is established to facilitate collaboration efforts of professionals in this field across the globe. You can sit for the certification examinations from the comfort of your home or office. Register and take the exams now to leapfrog your career.

Why RMA ?

The Risk Management Academy[RMA] Limited  is one of the leading risk management training organizations globally. We have our focus on education and certifications leveraging our dynamic pool of internal and external resources at affordable prices that you are unlikely to find anywhere in the world. In the new normal arising from COVID-19, our delivery focus is virtual using Zoom and MS Teams. In-house delivery is highly recommended using virtual means. Contact us today — info@theriskacademy.org; theriskacademy@gmail.com.


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