The Risk Management Academy [RMA]  is a global learning center for professionals and practitioners in the field of risk management and compliance. The Academy is established to facilitate collaboration efforts of professionals in this field across the globe. It also seeks to  provide the platform and vehicle for risk management professionals to imbibe best-in-fit methodologies and tools (or systems) in the effective management of risks in a comprehensive manner .

Our overarching goal is to provide education , learning courses and certifications that are be beneficial to the holders as well as the institutions they represent.

Attesting to the quality of our programs, RMA is now globally recognized/certified:

  • The Risk Management Academy Limited is accredited by The CPD Accreditation Group[UK]–Accreditation Provider Number 776869–which implies that we have all the necessary  and fundamental elements, documentation & training to provide CPD Learning  in its various forms; and
  • The Risk Management Academy Limited has a Reseller/Partnership Agreement with the Professional Education & Certification Board, Canada effective 20th March, 2018.

RMA is currently offering eight (8) certifications.

The purpose of RMA is to advance and promote the risk management profession through certification and knowledge building.

To be the world’s most admired risk management Academy.

To promote best practice risk management that aligns with strategy, governance and compliance.

Promote the risk management profession through:

  • Education
  • Certification
  • RMA Roundtables and Annual GRC Surmit
  • Contributions to public policy debates on risk management
  • Research
  • Consulting and facilitation opportunities.

Our membership  cuts across a wide variety of professionals , from CEOs and Chief Risk Officers, to graduate and undergraduate students. We  are determined to provide learning courses and certifications from on-site approach to full on-line learning facilities Our courses and certifications are based on  ISO 31000: 2009 International Standard, Basel Accords and regulations on Risk Management.

RMA is offering eight [8]Certifications . Learn more about our certifications to determine which one best suits you. The starting point is for you to join the growing membership of The Risk Management Academy.You may request for the application form, complete it and forward to us with evidence of payment of the applicable fees. For now, you have the privilege of Direct Membership.

Our Certifications:

Our Credentials

We strongly believe that the success of any training program is based on accurately specifying the training requirements at the initial stages of contact with the client. Upon the receipt of a training request, we always seek to provide answer to the following questions:

  • Who is the audience and what is that they actually do?
  • What is the problem the client is trying to solve?
  • What do you want the target audience to actually do? and
  • How will we assess whether this has been achieved?

We pride ourselves in offering training programs that are built on the principles of best-in-fit teaching practice. Our overarching aim is not simply to “pour new content” into our participants but to add value through carefully-designed program.

Ultimately, there will be the presentation of new material (although that does not always mean “death by 1,000 PowerPoint slides”) which will then allow the participants to apply the concepts to answer questions, analyze strategies or design possible solutions. Typically, there will be a discussion that considers the end results which provides valuable feedback for further enhancement.