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The RMA Certifications

The Risk Management Academy certifications  are designed to meet the specific professional needs of Risk  Managers and practitioners. We currently offer  eight (8) professional risk management certifications. We also provide training assistance in various aspects of risk management covering ISO 31000:2018 ERM, Basel Accords [1-4] and the the COSO framework.


ERM Integrated Framework

Over a decade ago, the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission
(COSO) issued Internal Control – Integrated Framework to help businesses and other entities
assess and enhance their internal control systems. That framework has since been
incorporated into policy, rule, and regulation, and used by thousands of enterprises to better
control their activities in moving toward achievement of their established objectives.

The Risk Management Academy can help your organisation develop and implement this framework seamlessly.


Certified Compliance Professional VENUE: VIRTUAL/ZOOM

The Risk Management Academy would be organizing this Program in November 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Participants will obtain a clear understanding of and appreciation for the necessity of a strong and well-equipped compliance function within any financial services institution.

Through lecture, class exercises, highly interactive participation, and case studies, participants will review the need for financial services regulation, the markets/participants/institutions/instruments over which regulation proceeds, the use of the compliance function as a risk mitigator, the various methods and approaches to compliance with regulatory requirements, establishment of a well-functioning compliance department, and the skills required to succeed as a compliance officer.

Through intense analysis of specific cases concerning compliance and ethical lapses, money laundering, rule violations, delegates will obtain keen insights to reduce the risk of regulatory and compliance problems and to foster a culture of compliance within their own firms.


  • New Compliance Officers
  • Risk Managers
  • Control Function Managers
  • Legal Department Managers
  • Management Consultants
  • Equities Sales and Trading Desk Operations Managers
  • Fixed Income Sales and Trading Desk Operations Managers
  • Investment Banking Administrative Officers
  • Treasurers
  • Financial decision makers in corporations
  • Strategists 


  • How to successfully structure and manage an effective compliance function
  • The immediate impact of an ineffective compliance program
  • The comprehensive loss of revenue, trust, and reputation resulting from a weak compliance environment
  • How regulatory changes can quickly impact your organization and bottom line
  • How to prepare for intense regulatory scrutiny and examinations
  • From multiple case studies that globally illustrate cultures of compliance and strong compliance departments

For details about the program, please contact Dr. Neville Odafe on 09071941111;08021003297 or send an e-mail to: or


Enterprise Risk Architecture

Enterprise Architecture  & Risk Management Framework  builds on and integrates numerous standards to provide a framework designed to speed your organisation  through the process of modeling your Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Risk Management.

The RMA can assist your organisation in building a risk management architecture that is scalable and adaptable to global standards.

Send a request to our  e-mail to:; or call 08021003297